Manage your real estate better than ever before

Connect your tenants, property managers and service providers with the latest technology and get all information at a glance. The real estate management of the future is waiting for you.

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cunio offers added value to everyone

  • Efficient Processes
    Efficient Processes
  • Cost Reduction
    Cost Reduction
  • Tenant Satisfaction
    Tenant Satisfaction
  • Increasing Quality and Value
    Increasing Quality and Value

cunio connects landlords, tenants, property managers and service providers. cunio is a cutting-edge app and web application that forms the basis of the everyday exchange between all parties.
It’s a virtual meeting place that manages all relevant information centrally. Make qualities measurable and give your tenants and service providers the tool they have been waiting for.

All in one place

  • Intuitive Dashboard

    Intuitive Dashboard

    A central cockpit gives you an overview at all times. See all relevant information about your property at a glance.

  • Central Communications

    Central Communications

    The bulletin board was yesterday, cunio is the future. cunio is the central point for all your communications. It couldn‘t be easier.

  • Defects


    Manage the defects easily and view all of them at a glance. Coordinate your service providers with your tenants - it has never been easier!

  • Social interactions

    Social interactions

    Give your tenants a unique tool to communicate with each other and to make life even more liveable in your property.

  • Suitable for all sizes

    Suitable for all sizes

    Whether a single property or a large real estate portfolio. cunio is suitable for all and offers the right solution.

  • Reviews


    Discover how to make your property and its management even better. The satisfaction of your tenants will be tracked regularly and gives you the information you require.

Your tenants will be excited!

  • News Feed

    All news and important information at a glance

  • Tenant-Tenant Chat

    Tenants can get in contact whenever they want – easy, convenient and state of the art

  • Calendar

    All upcoming dates for the property at a glance

  • Simple Defect Reporting

    Reporting defects has never been easier and more structured

  • Reviews

    Property or service quality. Tenants can evaluate it.

  • Free Apartments

    Overview of vacant homes in your property or portfolio. Lose no more tenants, because you were not aware of his new space requirements.

cunio for everyone

  • Landlords


    Are you an owner looking to manage your property better and more efficiently? With cunio you have a tool that brings your tenants, property managers and service providers together and gives them completely new possibilities of interactions. Take advantage of our unique tools that evaluate quality, performance, defect management and communication. Thereby, cuno increases your property's value and enhances the satisfaction of all parties. State-of-the art dashboards and reports give you the overview you always wanted.

  • Tenants


    All information at a glance? Whether upcoming appointments or events in the building, in your apartment or simply information you would like to share with your neighbours. cunio offers a modern app interface and gives you exactly what you want. Connect whenever you like or use cunio simply as an information center for all matters relating to your apartment. But cunio can do much more: Report defects or evaluate the performance of the service in your building. You have so many possibilities.

  • Property Manager

    Property Manager

    Countless calls and visits but you couldn’t still clarify everything with the stakeholders? It could be so simple, without the enormous organizational effort. cunio gives you the solution. Communicate easily with tenants in conjunction with the service providers, organize the work ahead and always have the current overview. You won’t recognize your everyday life!

  • Service Providers

    Service Providers

    Whatever your trade. With cunio you can easily organize the work in the property. Get in direct contact with the parties and receive instant feedback if everyone is satisfied. Show that you and your staff are the best for the job. The landlord, property manager and tenants will love you!

The real estate world is excited. What do you say?

  • The most innovative concept for the real estate industry, I have seen in the last decade.

  • A clear added value for all parties in the process. Everyone will be more comfortable with cunio, compared to the situation before.

  • As a tenant I always have the problem to reach the property management. With cunio I am independent and have a convenient tool for all the communication around my apartment.

  • Property Management isn’t a rocket science, but often there is chaos because of the number of processes and parties involved. With cunio, property management could get a clear structure. Everyone is always and everywhere up to date.

  • cunio gives a solution for the main issue in the property management: inefficiency because of the information gaps

Be a part of disrupting the real estate management

and let you inform when cunio is available for you and your property.

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